Welcome to Five Nations Energy Inc. (FNEI).  FNEI is the Corporation behind the Omushkego Ishkotayo Project (Western James Bay Transmission Line Project), a 270 km long transmission line that services the remote Communities of Attawapiskat, Fort Albany, and Kashechewan.  FNEI is owned equally by Attawapiskat Power Corporation, Fort Albany Power Corporation, and Kashechewan Power Corporation. FNEI also supplies power to a line that connects the De Beers Canada Victor Diamond Mine project north of Attawapiskat.

FNEI is one of five licensed electricity transmitters in Ontario; and is also the only First Nations owned electricity transmission company in Canada, aswell as in Ontario.   Download a map of the transmission line below or click to view it.

As an employer, FNEI provides a challenging and supportive work environment that recognizes the value of each employee’s contributions, and encouraging them to reach their full potential and achieve excellence in carrying out their responsibilities.  FNEI currently employs a Chief Executive Officer, who was hired in January, 2016, an Operations Manager, Finance Controller, two Substation Master Electricians, two Substation Electrician Apprentices, an Administrative Assistant, and a Secretary/Receptionist.

2016 Update: We are happy to report that Mr. Patrick Chilton has been hired as the new Chief Executive Officer for FNEI!



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New Mission Statement of FNEI:  We support our Cree Communities by optimizing our human and technical resources to meet their energy requirements in a safe, environmentally responsible and culturally respectful manner. 


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