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Conservation Progam: Information

 Calendars, Bill Inserts, Posters and other Campaigns.

















Bill Inserts

You may have seen one of our bill inserts in your monthly FNEI electricity bill. Our bill inserts have been one way that we have been sharing information about the program with you and your family. Our bill inserts have provided information about the FNEI Conservation Program in general and have given you specific tips for saving energy. Please see below for links to the bill inserts we have sent in case you missed one!



Direct Mail Campaign

In June we sent a postcard to every house in the three communities involved in the FNEI Conservation Program. The postcard shared energy savings tips from folks in your community that we thought were very energy-wise. Many of you noticed that the postcard was redeemable at the Northern Store for a free jug of Sunlight Cold Water Wash Laundry Detergent. We wanted to make cold water washing even easier because the amount of energy you save when you use cold water instead of hot when doing your laundry is huge! 



Northern Store Information Sessions

Did you visit us at the Northern Store when we hosted an information table and draw? Maybe you were even one of our lucky winners… We were in your community last winter giving away great prizes and spreading the word about energy conservation.
Check out our poster here.



Direct Install Products

The FNEI Conservation Program has been working with members of the community to install energy saving products in each home in your community. The products we have chosen for installation are proven energy-savers. Low-flow shower heads, faucet aerators, pipe wrap, CFL light bulbs, and block heater timers will all help you reduce the amount of energy you use on a daily basis. While installing the products we have also been conducting a survey that will help us find new ways to reduce your energy bills. Through the survey we are collecting vital information that will help us develop future program activities to ensure we are providing you with the most relevant and useful information to help you save energy and money.
Check out the bill insert here.



Radio Ads

Have you heard our energy conservation radio ads on Wawatay radio? The advertisements ran in May and will be running again over the summer to provide a variety of ideas you can use at home to save energy. Tune into Wawatay radio to learn more about energy conservation and save money on your electricity bill!.

Company Information

New Mission Statement of FNEI:  We support our Cree Communities by optimizing our human and technical resources to meet their energy requirements in a safe, environmentally responsible and culturally respectful manner. 


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