Safety Tips for Children and Adults Featured

Safety near power lines

Find out how to play safe near transmission lines.


Stay away from areas with signs that say, “DANGER”, and “DANGER HIGH VOLTAGE”.  Do not go or play near these areas.  You could get hurt very seriously or it could result in death!


Be careful when climbing trees and make sure there are no transmission lines near the tree or lines even running through its limbs.


Never try to touch an overhead wire and stay far away from an overhead wire that has been knocked to the ground.  The electricity can travel through the ground for many feet and could seriously injure or even kill you.


Do not play around or attempt to damage electrical equipment.  It may kill or severely injure you. The damaged equipment is even more dangerous and may mean a long power outage for everyone in your Community, and expensive repairs.

 Child Safety near powerlines

Do not play with kites, balloons, model airplanes, near the power lines.  Play far away from these overhead lines and substations.


When there is a lightning storm, go inside your home or vehicle immediately.  Lightning may be fun to watch, but it is extremely dangerous and should only be watched from inside your home or a vehicle.


Always unplug items by unplugging from the outlet carefully, do not pull on the cord as this could damage the cord and make it unsafe to use.


Never play around water with electrical appliances.  Water makes electricity more dangerous, and can kill you.


Always be sure that the switch is turned off before you attempt to change a light bulb.  If the light bulb is broken, have an adult help you.  Never put your finger into a light socket, or poke anything into an electrical outlet.


If you see transmission lines knocked down, or see someone who is being shocked by electricity, do not touch the person.  Immediately go for help from an adult, and call the Police.  Touching someone who has been shocked may shock you as well.  Wait until the electricity has been turned off before getting close to the injured person.



Please follow these tips to keep yourself safe at all times when you are out playing or walking about.


Hydro One Networks and the Hospital for Sick Children have produced a website that can help children learn more about electrical safety.  

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