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About FNEI

Who is FNEI?

Welcome to Five Nations Energy Inc. (FNEI).  FNEI is the Corporation behind the Omushkego Ishkotayo Project (Western James Bay Transmission Line Project), a 270 km long transmission line that services the remote Communities of Attawapiskat, Fort Albany, and Kashechewan.  

FNEI is one of five licensed electricity transmitters in Ontario; and is also the only Indigenous owned electricity transmission company in Canada, as well as in Ontario.   Download a map of the transmission line below.

As an employer, FNEI provides a challenging and supportive work environment that recognizes the value of each employee’s contributions, and encouraging them to reach their full potential and achieve  excellence in carrying out their responsibilities.

Riley Hardisty, Tony Iserhoff, Simon Grech, Robert Chookomoolin, Stephen Firlotte

FNEI Electrical Team

Corporate Structure

FNEI is governed by a Board of Directors.  It also has three (3) Officers.  

Attawapiskat Power Corporation:
Edward Koostachin
Janie Wesley
Fort Albany Power Corporation:
Patricia Sutherland
Andrew Linklater
Kashechewan Power Corporation:
Jessie Koosees
Hosea Wesley
Taykwa Tagamou Nation:
Derek Archibald
Moose Cree First Nation:
Robert Echum

Officers of the Corporation:

Chair – Lawrence Martin
Vice-Chair- Edward Sutherland
Secretary/Treasurer – Shashia Nakogee

FNEI Staff:

Chief Executive Officer - Pat Chilton
Chief Financial Officer - Dorothy Kioke
Office Manager - Marlene Innes
Operations Manager - Tony Iserhoff
Document Control Specialist - Stephen Firlotte
Administrative Assistant - Jackie Sutherland

Journeymen/Substation Electricians - 
Robert Chookomoolin
Ryley Hardisty

Substation Electrician Apprentices -
Simon Grech

/ FNEI Partners

What we do

FNEI delivers electricity from Moosonee to Fort Albany, Kashechewan, Attawapiskat, and to the line that connects the De Beers Canada Victor Diamond Mine north of Attawapiskat.  We deliver electricity safely and reliably over the Omushkego Ishkotayo transmission lines owned by FNEI.   We also are a non-profit Corporation, but our focus is on providing the best service, and providing benefits to our owner Communities.

FNEI also provides other services related to the delivery of electricity to the Local Distribution Companies (LDCs), as well as maintenance and upgrades.

We do not generate power, we deliver the power to our three (3) substations that we constructed in the three (3) Communities.  We also do not buy or sell electricity.  We own and maintain the main power line and the substations that deliver high voltage electricity to the substations, and drop the voltage for the local distribution.  We are the line that connects the individual Communities with the Provincial transmission system.

We also restore power in case of outages or emergencies on the main power line, and we also assist the LDCs with training and support of their operations and maintenance.

Attawapiskat Power Corporation

Fort Albany Power Corporation

Kashechewan Power Corporation

Conservation on the Coast

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Timmins, ON
P4N 0B7

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